Terms of Service

Public Agreement

General Notice

This terms is equivalent to a customer agreement and is accepted by registration on the site. Please read these Terms of Service in details before you start registering on the site. Registering and using the services in any way means your acceptance of this Agreement and all other applicable rules which may be published on the website and may be updated without notice.

Terms and Definitions

Provider - Tech Lodge hosting provider.
Customer - any individual or legal entity accepting this Agreement.
Login - a unique set of letters, numbers and special characters that, in combination with the Password, serve as the Customer ID.
Password - a set of letters, numbers and special characters that, in combination with the Login, serve as the Customer ID.
Website - one or several logically related web pages, which the Customer submits to the Provider for hosting on the Internet.
IP address — unique identifier, device address, usually connected to the internet used in the routed network protocol (internet protocol) of the TCP/IP.


Spam - implementation of unauthorized mass sending of information of any nature on the Internet.
Phishing - type of fraud whose purpose is to gain access to confidential user data - usernames, passwords, personal data, credit cards, etc.
Bruteforce - method of searching and hacking a specific value (for example, a password) by iterating through all theoretically possible options.
Abuse - a complaint from third parties sent to the Provider in connection with a violation when using the Services. For example: sending mail spam, conducting DDoS attacks or a statement from the copyright holder to violate his copyright.

Customer Account (Customer ID)

For starting the services Customer needs necessary to create an account in the Provider’s billing system located at: https://my.tech-lodge.net
The registration and use of account are subject are to the following terms and conditions:

Customer Account Protection

To protect the account, the Provider proposes to use the Customer two-factor authentication and strong passwords.
The Customer is solely responsible for protecting the information used to authenticate the account.
The Provider shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from unauthorized access to the account, password compromise or hacking.

Prohibited use of Services

All services of the Provider shall be used only for lawful purposes. Any storage or transferring of information, data or materials prohibited by law is forbidden.
The Customer agrees to release the Contractor from any claims arising from the use of the services that are detrimental to any other party.
Examples of information that may not be distributed, transmitted or stored using the services of the Provider (including, but not limited to):

Examples of prohibited use of the Provider`s services (including but not limited to):

The Customer takes full administrative and criminal responsibility for all the actions committed by him when using the services. When violations are detected, all information will be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

Payment for Services

All services, except for free and test, are provided only after the full transfer of funds.

Refund policy

The Provider reserves the right to provide a refund in each case on the basis of the Terms of Service. In case of return of unused funds, the refund amount is equal to the number of unused funds on the account, minus the payment system fees. Any violation of the use of the Services will result in a refusal to refund the funds.

Payment chargebacks and claims

The Provider reserves the right to immediately eliminate all services and accounts related to the dispute without a refund if it considers that an open dispute with the payment system about the return of money paid for services is an act of abuse. The account will be eliminated, all information in it will be deleted.

The case of the Customer financial obligations

If the Customer has not paid for the extension of the service within 2 days from the date of the suspension of the service, The Provider reserves the right to withdraw the delivered service without additional notice.

Termination of Service

The Provider reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to immediately terminate the Customer’s access to all or any service and remove existing Services at any time with or without notice, as a result of a violation of any of the clauses of the Terms of Service or applicable law.
In case of an abuse from third parties about the unlawful use of the Service, the Contractor has the right to remove or stop the existing services of the Customer and refuse to provide the Services further. All payments made under this agreement are non-refundable, and all payments due to the Contractor until the services are terminated must be paid immediately, including obligations valid prior to liquidation.


Terms of Service are subject to change without notice. Content that does not comply with these terms of service may be deleted without prior notice to the Customer. These Terms of Service are a legally binding contract between the Customer and the Provider. By creating an account, the Customer agrees to the above conditions. Anything not specified in the Terms of Service is subject to change by the Provider without prior notice. Any violation of these Terms of Service will result in account termination. The Provider reserves the right to terminate accounts without prior notice. In case of violation by the client of one or several Terms of Service, Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide further services. The Customer is solely responsible for all actions performed using the Services, regardless of whether they were performed by the Customer or third parties.