Privacy Policy

Customer Account

When registering on our website, the client (Customer) is responsible for providing complete and accurate information, as well as for the performance of his email address and mobile phone specified during registration. This personal information is collected and stored to the extent necessary for the providing of a service.

Collection of Data

The Client (Customer), gives his consent to the Provider for the processing of his personal data (including collection, storage, systematization, use, distribution, blocking).
Cookies - when a visitor enters our site, we send one or more cookies to his computer or other devices. Cookies are used to improve the quality of services provided: save user settings. The client may refuse the use of cookies. More information about cookies can be found in Cookie usage policy.
Information about visits - when accessing the site, certain information is automatically recorded. it may contain information such as web request, IP address, browser type and language, request date and time.
Financial information can be processed by third-party companies. We use the services of third-party payment processing companies that collect and store your financial information. These can be companies such as PayPal, Webmoney, Interkassa, 2checkout

The Customer agrees that the Provider has the right to transfer its data to other subjects of the market for the registration of domain names or the issuance of digital certificates in an undisclosed form.
The Customer hereby requests the Contractor as a Registrar to publish his personal data in the databases of the relevant services in the public Internet access necessary for the operation of services, services, domains.
The Customer agrees that his personal data may be transferred to another Registrar or the Administrator of the public domain or certification center if the operation performed requires identification of the Customer as the owner of the domain name.

Data security

The Provider undertakes to comply with all necessary measures to protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of personal information. These measures, in particular, include internal verification of data collection, storage and processing processes and security measures, including appropriate encryption and measures to ensure the physical security of data to prevent unauthorized access

Access and update personal data

The Provider gives the Customer with access to his personal data, as well as updates or deletes the data at the request of the client unless the storage of data is required by law or is not stipulated by legitimate business purposes. Before processing requests for access, change, addition or deletion of personal data, the Provider asks to confirm the client’s identity and information that he wants to receive, correct or delete.

Data access and transferring to third-party

In case of receiving a formal request from law enforcement agencies, the Customer’s personal data may be transferred in accordance with the laws of the current legislation.

Privacy Policy Changes

From time to time, the privacy policy may be subject to any changes at our discretion. Such changes are usually minor. We recommend that Customers regularly check this section for possible amendments, as If you continue to use our site after making any changes, this automatically means your acceptance of the updated privacy policy.