Managed or Unmanaged VPS?

Sometimes your websites need a more powerful and flexible solution than regular hosting can propose. If your site requires more resources than is available on a shared hosting, or you need an individual placement on the server or specific configuration of the software environment - then the best solution would be to rent a VPS. When you placing a websites on your own private server system administration must be considered is an integral part of hosting.

Unmanaged VPS

Managing a hosting server is not a simple work, not every webmaster has enough skills in Linux.
Although today there are many functional server's control panels, through which the placement of sites on a VPS or a dedicated server becomes as simple and convenient as on a regular hosting. But a Linux server is a complex system. To ensure its stable operation requires monitoring and maintenance, installation and configuration of the necessary software, regular security updates, checking websites for viruses and vulnerabilities, protection against attacks, and much more.
Without a clear understanding of the server and software work, it will be difficult to achieve stable operation of sites and optimize the server for maximum performance.
System administration is an integral part when hosting sites on a VPS. Either you yourself have the necessary skills and can deal with any problem, or you have people in your team who are involved in server administration. Sometimes you can ask for help from professionals who are engaged in outsourcing system administration.

Managed VPS

If you do not plan to engage in system administration, and dont have the right person in your team. Especially for site owners who are moving from virtual hosting to VPS, we have developed our managed VPS a virtual server service with full administration! All VPS are equipped with a full administration package, which is included in the rental price of the server. Each customer's VPS is connected to the monitoring system, we regularly carry out software updates and security patches.
The monitoring system checks the availability and status of services and resources, the amount of free storage space, the load on the server, etc. In case of a problem, our specialists will eliminate it as soon as possible. In addition, we will transfer your sites to our infrastructure for free and you do not need to worry about server settings.
You will be able to focus only on the development of your site, and we take care of all the worries on the server side completely!

Benefits of our fully-managed VPS

Plans of our Managed VPS

March 17, 2019