Affiliate program

Refer new customers to Tech Lodge and earn up to 15% commissions. Join to our partnership and get a stable income by advertising our services!

How It Works?

Simply promote our services with custom banners referral links or promo-codes.
To join our partnership program you just need:
You can make up to 15% reward per sale!

Advantages of our Affiliate program

Referral Discount
Your referrals will get 5% discount for ordered services
Storing of cookies 90 days
If the customer did not order immediately, but did it after a while, you will still receive money.
Links and promo-codes
You can use affiliate link as well as promo-code for advertising
Request affiliate status

Partners are not allowed

Advertising for prohibited use

To offer and advertise our services for prohibited uses, which are listed in the "Terms of Services"

To use forbidden websites to advertise

To post information about Tech Lodge on websites that violate any applicable law.

To violate conduct rules in the Internet

To create, post or distribute advertising information using any spam sending or similar ways of advertise.

To force or redirect customers

To use redirect-links, doorways, any others intrusive advertising types: PopUp, PopUnder, ClickUnder, Toolbar, etc.

To order services using own affiliate link

It is not allowed to use your affiliate link to register an account or order a service for personal purposes.

To violate Terms and Conditions

Violations of all the above mentioned rules and violations of any Affiliate Program "Terms and Conditions"

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us! We will be glad to help you.