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Host your websites with simplicity and performance! Take a look at our hosting services: Shared Web Hosting, Dedicated Server Rental, or Fully-Managed VPS.

Our Services

Web Hosting

From small websites
to large-scale media portals

from $1.9
  • check Fast SSD drives
  • check Let's Encrypt SSL certificate support
  • check AntiDDos protection


Get your own fine-tuned and easy-to-use managed VPS

from $3.9
  • check Fully managed
  • check 24/7 System and security monitoring
  • check Easy-to-use control panel

Dedicated Servers

Wide range of reliable bare-metal server solutions

from $12.4
  • check High performance
  • check Basic system administration included
  • check Tier 3 Data Centers


For social media promotion or search engines parsing

from $0.5
  • check IPv4 and IPv6 proxies
  • check HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 protocols
  • check Login/Pass or IP auth

Reasons to Choose Our Services

Data Centers

Reliable Data Centers

We cooperate with OVH Infrastructure. Because of the Data Centers spanning many countries you can host your sites closer to your visitors.

Cutting-Edge Hardware

We use latest premium hardware to provide high service performance.
anti ddos

AntiDDos Protection

All our services are equipped with basic protection against DDos attacks. Data Center network will protect your projects from mostly common attacks.

Availability Monitoring 24/7

Our monitoring system keeps us up to date, so in case something goes wrong, our team will deal with the problem in no time.
system administration

Included System Administration

Upon your request our Support Team will provide basic system administration on our infrastructure.
site transfer

Free Site Transfer

If you want to change hosting and forget about website worries, we are ready to transfer your sites with no downtime or hassle.

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June 17, 2019

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April 15, 2019

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April 1, 2019

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Shared Web Hosting

Website Shared Hosting is a perfect and easy-to-use solution. Our Web-hosting will offer your site the very best in response and performance. On Shared Hosting, we use high-quality SSD that makes your sites run several times faster than on regular HDD. No need for concern even if you've never hosted websites before, you will have a powerful Control Panel to manage your sites. And included Anti-DDos will protect your websites from all mostly common attacks.

Managed VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting will be suitable when you need something more powerful and flexible than Shared Hosting. When your site grows faster or you need guaranteed dedicated resources for your project, VPS Hosting will be a perfect solution for it. Our VPS hosting is fully managed and does not require special Linux skills to manage your sites. Your sites can be managed through a user-friendly Control Panel: user and domain management, web server configuration, database management, mail setup, backups, FTP, CMS installation can be done almost in one click!

Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server is your ultimate website hosting solution! The entire bare-metal server and all of its resources are dedicated to powering your business or enterprise website. Our Dedicated Server is fully managed and does not require special Linux skills to manage. We offer one of the powerful and easy-to-use Control Panel to manage your server. Also, we have included System Administration that supposes availability and performance monitoring, maintenance works, support and regular security audit.

Proxy Service

We provide high performance and reliable proxy service with dedicated IPs. Our proxies span many countries so you can choose a location whatever you need for your tasks. We offer personal proxies with login/password authorization or IP-auth. You can choose IPv4 or IPv6 proxies with the support of the different type of protocols: HTTP/ HTTPS/ SOCKS 5. Our proxies will be a perfect solution for search engines parsing and other different SEO tasks, social media promotion, SMM, or advertising.